Working on your books around the clock? Not on our watch.

We’re always on so you don’t have to be.

Business owners rarely work a traditional 9-5. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend nights and weekends poring over your books. Let us take over the time-consuming tasks through a combination of smart software and even smarter accounting experts. Log in when it works for you.


We Keep Your Books Gleaming

ScaleFactor classifies transactions and updates your books on a daily basis. With ScaleFactor, we’re trimming your daily financial to-do list down to a few quick tasks so you can go to sleep without anything important left unchecked.

  • Classify Transactions
  • Update General Ledger
  • Mobile Alerts & Notifications


Your Back Office Runs Like Clockwork

In addition to bookkeeping, ScaleFactor handles those activities often saved for weekends, like paying bills, double checking payroll, and reviewing your team’s expenses. Our Bill Pay, Payroll, and Corporate Card offerings do the heavy lifting on those repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.

  • Bills Paid On Time
  • Payroll Run
  • Keep an Eye on Expenses


Get Accurate Reports

Closing the books each month means making sure all transactions are accounted for, revenue is recognized properly, and you’ve got numbers you can use. Making tough decisions gets a whole lot easier with data you can trust.

  • Make Adjusting Journal Entries
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet Preparation


You’ll Have Tax-Friendly Books

No one wants to be on the IRS’s bad side. Keeping books clean and accurate will help you stay in their good graces, while also avoiding a mad dash at the end of the year. When tax season rolls around, simply hand your books to a tax pro, and they’ll thank you for using ScaleFactor.

  • Books Ready for a CPA
  • Low Risk of Under Payments
  • Avoid an End-of-Year Cleanup


Access Live Dashboards

We’ve got answers to the questions keeping you up at night. Log in any time to check on your cash flow, see your account balances, and get the information you need to run your business. Get the answers you need; then get some shut-eye.

  • Classify Transactions
  • Update General Ledger
  • Mobile Alerts & Notifications

Wondering how to do your books differently? Get a free 5 minute health check for your books to see how they measure up.

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