"If you're a small business, I highly recommend you consider ScaleFactor for your accounting and financial needs."

Haley Robison, Kammok

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor’s goal is to help their clients be more efficient and effective, and they do a great job offering suggestions and solutions to address our biggest challenges.



You guys do such a great job with customer service and client relationships. As Kepler51 grows I hope that we can foster the same enthusiasm and culture. Nice work. Congratulations on the success. I am enjoying the ScaleFactor portal.


Kepler51 Analytics

They make it so my books are clean for potential investors, and I can monitor exactly where the company’s headed. They make accounting something I never have to worry about, except when it’s making me a better CEO.



ScaleFactor is that live dashboard that does help us make a lot of decisions, but even more importantly than that, to be able to follow up on a month and see what’s most important for us to focus on – deficit and profit wise – and to be able to report that to our investors and at our board meetings and email that out is invaluable really.


Helm Boots

Y’all rock, thanks so much for the update on all fronts. I’m looking forward to having some visibility into our finances! Thanks!


Sauceda Industries

Excellent. That was quick! Boy are you guys on top of things!



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