Why Cloud Services Will Change Your Life

At some point or another in our business careers, we have all come across the term “the cloud”. Many wonder what exactly this term means, but it’s actually quite simple – “the cloud” is a remote set of servers that allows for access at any time or place with an Internet connection. This allows for an outside party to host and store your data in their warehouse, eliminating the need to build your own infrastructure to support it.

Other than the obvious benefit of remote storage, there are also quite a few other benefits to the cloud that every growing company should take into consideration when software shopping.


The cloud allows for anyone in your company (with the proper credentials) to access the valuable information and software in a real-time and up-to-date format. Any changes that are made by a colleague are instantly saved and shown as such. This allows for the elimination of constantly having to send updated versions of files back and forth and spares you the confusion.

Software Integration

Cloud-based softwares generally offer an open API (application programming interface). With access to this gateway, data connections can be built between software programs so that information can flow back and forth freely. These data flows create automations and eliminate manual data input processes. Moreover, a small company can create an ERP environment for much less than the cost of traditional ERP software through integrations.


Cloud-based softwares use a pay-as-you-go system that allow for you to only purchase what you need and allow you to easily upgrade whenever your business deems it necessary. After purchasing the main platform, your company is able to customize software add-ons to fit the need of your company, which allows you to stay competitive with even the largest of companies.

Off-Site Storage

Along with the fact that you don’t have to bring in your own IT team to help build and maintain your software, having off-site storage also benefits in the sense that there is disaster recovery and higher security. These off-site servers are under much higher vigilance than if maintained in-house, and are easily recoverable through constant backups in case of disastrous events.

Relevant Information

Cloud-based softwares are constantly scanned for bugs and issues, and when issues are discovered new updates will be sent out for free on a frequent basis. Having free and instant updates allows for convenience and assurance that the software you are using is running at an optimal level for your company’s success.

Cloud software is a crucial component to maintaining and growing a successful company. Through some of the benefits explained above, cloud software maintains a competitive edge when compared to the traditional desktop softwares that don’t have many of the features needed to help keep your business competitive.

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