What’s the Factor? Episode 1 Recap: Paige Robinson

Meet the leading woman behind Will Reed Jobs, Paige Robinson. Paige started her business from the ground up and takes on many roles as a wife, mother, and CEO. We hosted Paige on our podcast, What’s the Factor?, to share her story and inspire other leaders. In this episode, Paige talks about how she channeled what she knew and learned what she didn’t know to launch and build an organization that is revolutionizing the Human Resources industry. Here’s a recap of Paige’s story:

Think Big, Take Risks

Every leader knows that if you don’t think big and take risks, you probably won’t reach your full potential. Paige Robinson, founder and CEO of Will Reed Jobs, learned this early on while attending Texas A&M University. While in school, Paige started a program that brought in leaders and changemakers to share their stories on campus about overcoming adversity and taking risks. She notes how she thought big, starting with asking Oprah to be one of their first guests. Although Oprah never came, Paige says the experience of launching and leading this program taught her a lot about taking initiative and taking risks.

Just Start

Taking the first step is necessary, even if you don’t know exactly where you’re headed. After graduation, Paige started working in consulting but knew deep down that she really wanted to launch her own business. With the drive to start, she took a chance and left her management consulting job without a clear vision of what her business would look like. In hindsight, Paige shares that starting with how you want your business to be perceived in the marketplace is crucial and will take you a long way.

It’s OK to Pivot

Sometimes, we go full speed with an idea, only to figure out that it wasn’t exactly right. When Paige first started her business venture, she worked with a team to build a technology product that connected college students with employers. Ultimately, they built an engaged community, but decided the space wasn’t large enough to warrant the cost. In turn, they had to try out other strategies and shift their approach.


When starting your own business, it’s easy to get excited about the fun parts and forget about some of the, well, less fun parts. Paige recounts the shock she felt when she started her own business and realized she didn’t really know the best way to manage her back office and stay compliant. Instead of taking all those things on, Paige found the right partners and resources to support those lesser known areas and grow her business.  

Don’t Skimp on Culture

In a high growth environment, you should be prioritizing talent AND culture. Paige not only has aspirations for Will Reed Jobs to be the best place for her employees to work, but also to connect great talent with the best workplaces out there. Her top clients noted how important it was for them to recruit diversity to get different perspectives. Others noted that fostering an environment that celebrates everyone’s wins was key to their success.

Step Away

Business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with finding enough time in the day to do it all, and often, they struggle with stepping away. As a wife, mother, and CEO, Paige is no stranger to this struggle. After taking maternity leave, Paige noticed how integral that time away was to the growth of her organization. Upon her return, there were many things she once touched that no longer needed her hand. When leaders have to step away, that’s when new leaders and change-makers are born.

Making It Means Not Quitting

Great companies are made because they’ve put in the effort to work through the tough stuff. The stories we hear about success aren’t always representative of the whole picture, because the whole stories aren’t always the prettiest. Paige strongly believes that as a business owner and entrepreneur, you’re going to face tough challenges, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. It’s important to remind yourself of that.

What’s the Factor? is our new podcast series where we meet with influential leaders to chat about the failures and triumphs that led to their success. Our conversations explore what sets leaders apart and what it takes to build a booming business. Learn more here!

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