Top Positions to Hire for in 2020

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Most small business owners are aware of the positions they want to hire for in 2020. These hires might be based on business projections, growth plans, or even a gut feeling of what’s coming. However, with the ever-changing structure of employer and employee landscapes, there are likely positions you need but haven’t even considered. Yet. 

Marketing Experts

Have you heard the human attention span has shortened to eight seconds? Yes, this is shorter than the nine-second attention span of a goldfish. A quick Google search shows this is a widely-debated statistic. Hullabaloo aside, the researchers in this study were trying to get to the root of something all business owners are experiencing now: how to captivate your audience. 

The overflow of solutions available means businesses are competing for the attention of your customers. There are companies releasing solutions to problems your customers may not even have been aware of before they saw an ad on Instagram. “A collapsible coffee cup you can keep in your backpack just in case you stop for coffee later? Brilliant!” They didn’t know they needed it and this is who you’ll be competing with. 

Your brand should stand out and the marketers you hire will help differentiate your business while raising your brand awareness.

Business and Data Analysts

Many businesses are capturing customer and market data but aren’t sure what to do with it. Business and data analysts can help you sift through the mountains of data you’ve accumulated to figure out how you can use it to grow your customer base, inform your plans for the next year, or even amplify your brand. 

These analysts can also keep an eye on trends for your industry and on your direct competitors. This will help you stay ahead of what they’re doing while learning from any mistakes they may make with their data. 

Information Security Engineers

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. The same data that your business and data analysts can help you manage is very valuable to cybercriminals. If your business collects data in any way, information security engineers may become one of your most valuable business assets in 2020. These team members will keep you secure and avoid breaches which could tarnish your business reputation. 

In the event you do experience a data breach, these folks will work to secure your systems from the attack and can help determine how the breach happened to prevent it from happening in the future. 

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Sales People

You might already have plans to hire a sales team. While you’re building out what you’re looking for in these roles, consider what it is they’ll be selling. If you are selling a technical solution to your customers, you’ll want more specialized salespeople who can explain what you do, the landscape of your competitors, and your unique benefits to win more customers. 

Creative Roles

You may already have these roles outsourced to agencies, but bringing your creative roles onto your team directly has many benefits. Coming to work in your office every day will give in-house designers and content creators a feel for your culture and unspoken brand standards. 

In-house designers can help you determine everything from the right color scheme to the fonts you should be using to convey your brand. Along the same lines, in-house content creators can assess your content strategy and help implement style guides to keep the entire team on brand with the words and phrases you use. 

While outsourcing this work can help save costs, remember that freelancers work for many clients. And if you’ve got multiple freelancers, they aren’t necessarily talking to each other. In-house creatives are the key to leveling up your brand and creating a cohesive look, feel, and tone to your creative work. 

Senior Human Resources (HR)

The human resources department has gotten a bad wrap as rule sticklers, but hear us out—these people are invaluable to your team. Most human resource teams can tell you what is happening with your team, but the best human resource teams can dig into the “why.” 

As a business leader, you can lean on HR to help influence your company strategy. These folks can help determine where you want the company to go and how to hire the right people to get there. 

They can even help you through difficult times. For example, if you determine you’d like to outsource a piece of someone’s current role, HR can help you train your people to take on new responsibilities. They can determine where you are missing roles and what you should look for if you decide to fill it. 

Field Experts

If your company considers itself a disruptor, you’d probably benefit from field experts. Depending on what you’re developing or offering, you may have to navigate government red tape to bring your ideas to market. Field experts who know how to work with regulatory boards or government officials and who are familiar with laws that are relevant to your industry will give you a leg up on your competition. 

For example, companies who are developing and releasing electronic scooters (e-scooters) need to have people on their teams who follow and understand regulatory laws that are being passed in their markets and be able to work with local and state governments to find the best ways to bring their scooters to the public. 

Ready to Hire? 

Once you’ve calculated your budget and created your goals for the next year, you should look at what roles you’d like to bring in to your business that will help you achieve them. Keep in mind that it’s okay to test out roles in your organization with contractors. In terms of your team, your goals should remain the same to attract the right people, retain the right talent, and grow your team into a world-class organization from the start. 

Want to see the positions we’re trying to fill in 2020? Check out our open job listings and learn more about the ScaleFactor team.

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