Top Tips for Starting a Small Business

We’re dishing out all the advice we wish we knew then.

Starting a New Business? Make Sure You’ve Completed Everything on This Checklist

The beginning of a new business venture is filled with excitement and opportunity. However, there’s a good deal of legwork that needs to happen in order for dreams to become a reality.

The Difference Between Business and Personal Bookkeeping Is Bigger Than You Think

Building a business will bring plenty of ups and downs, as well as lots of surprises. If there’s one tool that can help you roll through those ups and downs and make adjustments along the way, it’s the old fashioned business plan. 

37 Basic Accounting Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know

If you’re a small business owner, taking risks is part of your job. From the start, people who create their own businesses are taking a risk by forgoing the comfort of a stable job for the chance to be their own bosses and do something new.

How ScaleFactor Bookkeeping Sets Up Your Business for Success

Starting and running a business with your books in order and taxes on cruise control is simple — with the right tools. Learn how ScaleFactor’s software and support will set you off with the right footing.

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