Letter from the CEO: ScaleFactor Comes Home to Denver

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In 2014, I was working in Denver as the CFO of a communications company. In this role, I was often asked if we could afford to make a big purchase or hire a new employee. I found myself often frustrated that the financial information I needed to answer those questions was out of date since it took weeks to close the books and our data was scattered across several different pieces of software.

To solve the problem, I started tinkering with the idea of a real-time dashboard. I hooked up several TVs in my small office and cobbled together reports and charts to be displayed on them. I wanted a mission control—something to help me make big decisions quickly. I became obsessed with bringing it to life.  

This single idea was the inspiration for ScaleFactor, and it all happened in Denver.

Though I moved to Austin to build the company, Denver has always held a special place in my heart. That’s why we are so excited to announce that we are opening our first office outside of Austin in Denver.

Opening this office feels like we’re coming home.

Why Denver?

Austin edged out Denver as U.S. News & World Reports’ Best Place to Live 3 years ago, though Denver has held on to the #2 spot since. People and businesses alike are flocking to these two cities for a reason.

In recent years, Denver has become a mecca for tech companies, and we’re excited to join this tech-forward ecosystem of businesses. We feel confident that the Denver community will open its arms to ScaleFactor, and we’re excited to add to its booming market.

This market has been built in large part by the talented people who moved to Denver in search of a holistic living experience surrounded by nature. The close proximity of the city to hiking, skiing, kayaking, and breathtaking views makes it one of the best places to live. And though the scenery is very different in Texas, Austin and Denver have a lot in common, including a wealth of tech talent who are looking for meaningful work in a city they love.

This makes Denver a natural fit for the ScaleFactor culture, which is centered around creating a positive, empowering experience for employees every day.

Our Plans

At this location, we’ll hire employees in a range of roles, but the majority will be developer and engineering roles. Our long-term goal is to have at least 100 Denver-based team members. 

On top of that, we are in the process of opening offices in San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver. As ScaleFactor grows and expands, we are excited to set up shop in even more cities. We are over the moon about coming home to Denver now.

This move wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team (especially our early Denver pioneers), our supportive investors, my mentors in Colorado for pushing me to start ScaleFactor, and, of course, our customers all over the country. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to expanding to a city near you soon.

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