New Feature Guide: November 2018

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Last month, we released a variety of updates to boost our Bill Pay, Cash Vision, Payroll, Messaging, Marge, and Portal capabilities. These updates were implemented to enhance the user experience and expedite existing processes.

In case you missed it, here are the key updates we made and how they will help you moving forward:

Bill Pay

You can now view check numbers and check images directly in the portal. You can also view the status and tracking information for your expedited checks. Additionally, we’ve made it so you can see your invoices more clearly! How? You can view your invoices in a separate browser or download them to see a more detailed overview.

We’ve also made improvements to our ACH verification process. By indicating your document type when uploading your verification documents, you can skip triage and speed up your approval process! Plus, you can now see the review status of your documents and reasons for failure, if applicable.

Lastly, the portal will only keep track of the documents you want and need. Now you can download and view all your previously uploaded documents. And if you don’t want it, you can remove the document.

We designed these capabilities to give you peace of mind during the invoicing and bill pay process.

Payment Details screen

Cash Vision

You can now add a Cash Vision widget to your customizable dashboard! By adding the widget, you can get an at-a-glance view of your monthly cash in and cash out transactions. In the widget, you can also see monthly net cash and cash runaway, all organized by date.

You can also edit your recurring and non-recurring transactions. You can delete a single transaction from a recurring transaction, and search and sort to find the exact transaction you’re looking for!

Cash Vision dashboard


As of November, you can make changes to your pending payroll adjustment requests with just a few clicks!


Want to filter out messages that are not from ScaleFactor? Now you can! Use this update to make sure you don’t miss anything from us!


Marge now comes with preloaded questions to help you ask and get answers quickly! Want an answer from Marge on-the-go? You can now connect Marge to SMS for text responses. These updates will ensure that you get the information you need, right when you need it!

Software Updates

In addition to boosting some of our features, we also made some software updates to enhance your experience. Now, it’s easier to link your bank accounts and search for widgets by category! This categorization will better help you find what you want for your customizable dashboard.

We hope this overview has been helpful and that the new updates have been valuable to you and your team. As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. Have an idea to make the product even better? Let us know! You can send us feedback at any time straight from ScaleFactor in the top right corner (just to the left of Marge!).

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