New Feature Guide: May 2019

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We released some big updates in May, all aimed at making your ScaleFactor experience more intuitive and valuable. If you haven’t logged in and checked them out, here’s an overview of what’s new.

Home Feed

When you log into ScaleFactor, the page you’re taken to first looks a little different. We’ve been hard at work making sure that the information that matters most to you is front and center. That’s why we’ve added your available cash and credit balances to the home feed, alongside the information requests and notifications you know and love.

We’ve also added a news feed so that you can stay up-to-date on all things ScaleFactor, including helpful blog posts and other valuable content to help you grow your business.

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No more sifting through your email for employee and contractor hours. Now, those hours can be submitted directly into ScaleFactor by uploading a CSV or PDF file. After that ScaleFactor will collect any outstanding payroll adjustments and alert you if payroll exceeds 75% of your bank balance, which means you can rest easy knowing that ScaleFactor has your back.

Payroll Screenshot

And when payroll is ready to be approved, you can now approve it directly in ScaleFactor. We’ll take it from there and make sure that your payroll adjustments are processed accurately.

Refresh On Demand

Want to be 100% positive you’re looking at the most up-to-date information? Now you can manually refresh your cash, card, and accounting data. We’ve added a simple Refresh button to the top of your Dashboard page, which you can refresh up to three times a day. Hover over the button to see when your data was last refreshed.

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Don’t forget that ScaleFactor is available on iOS and Android. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, find it in the App Store and Google Play.

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