New Feature Guide: March 2019

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In March, we worked on building out mobile Bill Pay and made some changes to the overall user experience. Today, we’re excited to share these updates with you and officially introduce the new homepage, the Activity Center.  

Activity Center

You might notice that when you first enter ScaleFactor, you arrive at the Activity Center feed. This new homepage will be central to our communication with you and is designed to make your time spent in using our software more efficient.

ScaleFactor Activity Center

The Activity Center is where we will share insights and other important information about your business, as well as request approvals and any additional information we need. If we need you to approve a transaction, that request will show up in your Activity Center feed and sorted by month to make it easier to catch up.

ScaleFactor Activity Center

Support from Marge

Get support from Marge directly from the Activity Center. At the bottom of each task in your feed, you have the option to “Get Help Now” which will open a chat with Marge. If Marge is unable to assist, she will offer a link to create a support ticket.

Transaction Cards

Now you can work with the ScaleFactor team directly through the Activity Center. Instead of direct messaging or filling out Google Sheets, you can answer new transaction cards, all organized by date and located in the Activity Center feed.

Robust cards to provide more direct, specific information are coming soon! Stay tuned.

ScaleFactor Activity Center

Mobile Activity Center

You can access your Activity Center at any time—no matter your location! Check out the Activity Center by going to your online account or logging into your account on your iOS/Android app.

Mobile app dashboards

Bill Pay

If you’re on the move and need to pay a bill, the ScaleFactor mobile app makes it easy. Simply take a picture of the invoice and upload it to the ScaleFactor app.

ScaleFactor’s mobile Bill Pay allows you to add bill details such as your Debit Date (the date an ACH will debit from your bank account) and your Pay From (the bank account you’d like to pay from). Additionally, you can add a note to ScaleFactor before submitting your bill.

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