New Feature Guide: July 2019

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Our product team focused on one major task in the month of July: revamping the look and feel of ScaleFactor. All the updates we make are meant to make your experience using ScaleFactor easier and more intuitive, and these recent changes took us a big step forward in reaching that goal. 

A Better Home Feed 

The home feed is what you see immediately after logging in. It’s where we’ve opted to house the most important information you’ll need to access to run your business. 

For that reason, we moved a few things around. Your tasks, dashboard, and reports all live in the home feed now, easily accessible within a few clicks. 

Even better, you can now ask questions directly within the card you’re viewing. Need to confirm a detail before approving payroll? Click on the Help button and future communication will show up on the card in question. 

Designed With You in Mind

We rearranged some key features to make the app easier to navigate. The document center, contacts, and tax calendar have moved to a drop-down in the top-right corner of the screen, for example. This frees up the main navigation for all of your primary ScaleFactor products.

Dashboard Upgrade

Check out all of your important metrics on your real-time dashboard. 

We asked users which dashboard features they used most and put those metrics front and center. The dashboard layout is now more responsive than ever and has a fresh new feel. Much more to come! 

Keeping You On Track

While we’ve automated everything we can, some back-office tasks still need a business owner’s input. When we need help from you to classify a transaction or approve a bill payment, these tasks will appear in your home feed. Now, they’ll be prioritized by date so that you will always know which tasks are most urgent. 


Don’t forget that ScaleFactor is available on iOS and Android. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, find it in the App Store and Google Play.

Our number one priority in making product updates is your happiness. All of the changes we made last month were based directly on customer feedback, and we thank everyone who gave some of their valuable time to tell us how we were doing. 

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