New Feature Guide: August 2019

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In the month of August, we rolled out several new features within ScaleFactor. Compiled below are those that we think you’ll like most. Read on to see what’s changed in the ScaleFactor app. 

Front-and-Center Support 

Got a question about a card on your home page? Now, by simply clicking the Help button on that card, you can submit a question to a member of our support staff. 

Not only that, the Help button will populate the most commonly asked questions for you to choose between so you don’t have to write out lengthy descriptions. All the information we need to answer your question will live in one tidy spot, meaning we can get back to you that much faster. 

Need to upload a document along with your question? We’ve added that functionality, too. When it comes to getting the support you need, we know that time is everything. So we’re dedicated to getting back to you as quickly as possible. 

Make Your Dashboard Your Own

Last month, we revamped the look and feel of the dashboard. This month, we’ve made it easier than ever to tailor the dashboard to your specific preferences. 

To customize what you see, simply click the Edit button and drag and drop the widgets below. Put the metrics you care about most right at the top and get rid of any that don’t apply to your business. 

It’s your dashboard. Make it your own. 

Easy-to-Read Cash Flow Predictions 

Cash Vision is one of our most unique features, allowing you to use historical spending data to forecast cash flow. You can test out scenarios and see how something like hiring a new employee might affect your cash. 

This month, we focused on making Cash Vision easier to digest. A simple line chart shows how your cash flow has gone in the past, and the dotted lines show where our AI anticipates it heading in the future. 

Stay tuned for more updates next month. And don’t forget to download our mobile app through the App Store or Google Play.

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