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Leaders everywhere are in search of ways to become more productive and to cut through the noise of everyday life to get things done. And yet, distraction still runs rampant. Our phones are always lighting up with texts, Slack messages, emails, and social media notifications, pulling our attention away from the task at hand. 

But not all apps were created equally. Some can teach you to quiet your mind, while others can help you prioritize daily tasks. There’s an ecosystem out there for apps that are fun, while also being incredibly useful. It’s a great time for technology, and there’s a lot to be excited about. 

We picked some of the best out there right now—the apps that we rely on every day, the game changers, the ones that help us get stuff done. We think if you give these a whirl, you’ll agree, too. 


Smarter than Google Maps or whatever comes standard on the iPhone, Waze is the best traffic app on the market. Accessing crowd-sourced data, Waze uses the information its users provide and tracks en route movements of users stuck in traffic to continually re-route when traffic gets hairy. Spend less time on your commute with this handy tool. 


If you’ve got too many ideas, you’re not alone. For many folks, there’s a never-ending tornado of thoughts, little thoughts you need to scribble down, and a lot of things no one else would understand but you. For everyone who goes through a situation similar to this, there’s MindMeister.  

Double-click anywhere to add a new idea, get the team to add their thoughts, link related concepts, and before long you’ll have a map to draw everything together. By doing this, you can sketch out ideas and figure plans out in a collaborative, organic way. For teams and people with a lot of big ideas, this is a fruitful way to develop something raw into something brilliant. 


Signing paper documents has become a thing of the past. We can go weeks without scribbling our names on anything thanks to the Internet, but most specifically thanks to apps like HelloSign. 

HelloSign lets you scroll through the page, and highlight every instance you need to sign or initial with a click. Sign one document or a stack of them in seconds, HelloSign saves your signature, so everything moves crazy fast. Plus, the mobile app is simple to use and fast for people signing documents on the go. Even better, is the application saves you from downloading a PDF or Word File and hoping the signed document isn’t a nightmare.


If you’re terrible at PhotoShop, there’s hope. Canva is a drag-and-drop photo editing application that anyone can use. There are templates and custom fonts—plus you can edit everything to your specs. Canva is a lifesaver for small business (or a marketing team with a strict budget). 


Many teams subscribe to the agile framework, or the idea of extreme transparency so that everyone on your team knows precisely what everyone else is working on. Move your projects along the board from “planned” to “in progress” to “done” and watch how happy the boss is as they see you close out projects every day. 


If you’re a freelancer, Toggl is a lifesaver. With the tracking tool, you can break down your hours into minutes. If you need to know how long a project takes, just turn it on and let it go. Toggl will keep a tally for your projects throughout the week, instantly calculating the totals. 


In this day and age, you should always assume someone is trying to break into your confidential information. This password management app keeps your private info safe. All you have to do is install it, and it’ll remember all of your unique passwords. LastPass is straightforward to install and works with every browser. 


Ever wish someone could quickly proof that important email in your drafts? Grammarly is a killer app for your browser that checks everything. All you have to do is copy and paste your text and Grammarly will check everything—even plagiarism. There’s also a plugin that will work in tandem with every browser, too. 


If you’re looking for a few minutes to center yourself, Omvana is a great app that works like an iTunes store for meditation. Featuring a wide variety of meditation types, you can buy whatever you’re looking for, but there are also plenty of free options, too. If mental health is a blocker for your productivity, Omvana is a fantastic tool utilize on your productivity journey. 

There are many ways to get productive, and these are just a few of the ways to tighten up your day. Check out the ScaleFactor blog for more productivity tips. What are you using to automate tasks, or to lighten your load? Let us know in the comments.

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