Meet the Team Behind ScaleFactor’s Rapid Growth

Last January, we started off with a mere 30 employees working in East Austin out of Owen’s Garage, a co-working space we shared with other companies. 12 months later, we closed out 2018 with 108 employees, took over Owen’s Garage completely, and opened an office in Denver. We more than tripled our numbers and haven’t looked back since. Today, we have over 150 employees and we’re still growing. We’ve built out our Denver team and opened offices in Dallas, Vancouver, and more.

This growth didn’t just happen overnight, but it sure felt like it. We moved fast and grew faster, determined to reach levels we hadn’t before. We built our brand and expanded our teams in what felt like lightning speed. And, although making this fast growth happen was a company-wide initiative, it was arguably ScaleFactor’s recruiting team that made it happen.

I got a chance to sit down with Laarni Canoy to talk about our growth and how the recruiting team made it work. If there’s one takeaway to share up front, it’s that we’re not anywhere close to slowing down.

Is all this growth as surreal as it sounds?

Yes. Last year, we were basically an East Austin office and an East Austin company. Today, we’ve expanded our reach immensely. We are recruiting hires from all over and opening new offices across North America.

You started when there were 30 ScaleFolks and now there’s over 130. How has the culture changed?

We were already energetic, and as we’ve grown, we’ve only become even more energetic. There’s an electricity when you enter ScaleFactor HQ and it is part of the recruiting team’s job to preserve that. I see us as gatekeepers of our culture, always trying to set the precedent of warmth and exuberance for the entire company.

When hiring, we always gravitate toward people who embody our brand and share our values of community and learning. I love that when people are coming through our doors, it’s not just the recruiting team that exemplifies our culture, it’s the entire company. All of us are great ambassadors. We are all very different people, but we exemplify that contagious positivity.

You’ve been working here for about a year now. What makes you excited and motivated to come into work every day?

As a recruiter, I think it’s the possibility of finding people who are unique and awesome at what they do. It always excites me when someone new walks in and says, “I’m not your typical accountant or developer.” The possibility of finding these people who feel like they don’t fit the traditional accountant or engineering mold is rewarding because often times, they are looking for a more culture-oriented organization like ScaleFactor. We are always looking for great skills, but in my experience, skills are easy to teach and culture is hard to fit. When I find someone with both, I get really excited.

How has this growth enhanced your recruiting process?

As we build our brand recognition, it’s exciting to see our talent pool expand across state lines and learn how different candidates are hearing about us. We just hired someone for our team from Minneapolis. He found out about ScaleFactor by asking his friends from Austin what companies he should apply to. It’s exciting that our brand is becoming a well-known player in the field and that people are eager to be a part of it.

What has been one of the biggest challenges you and the recruiting team have overcome?

Growing pains. When you’re a team of one, you are knowledgeable about all the working parts and feel like you can do everything really well. As our team has grown, our bandwidth improved greatly, but also our need to constantly communicate and stay aligned became so much more crucial. Growing pains are a great challenge to have, and it is something that we continue to work through every day.

You’ve already accomplished so much in the past year. What’s next for the recruiting team?

We now have five people on the recruiting team and I am super excited to see how they’re going to build out our teams and shape the culture of our new offices. We are known for our awesome recruiting experience, and so I want to build on that, making our hiring fun and straightforward for applicants. With speed and growth in mind, our goal is to hire even more people this year and attend more recruiting events, including ADJ and university recruiting events!

Check out this video of ScaleFactor’s latest recruiting event: 

What tips do you have for a recruiting team in a fast-paced, growth company? We’d love to hear what’s worked for you and your team. Interested in joining ScaleFactor? Check out our openings and apply today!

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