Meet ScaleFactor’s Customer Experience Team

Meet the Customer Experience Team (CX Team), the heart and soul behind ScaleFactor’s accounting solutions. More than just a group of accountants, the CX team is made up of trailblazers and tech-enthusiasts who are passionate about making an impact on small businesses. Unlike traditional CPAs, the team thrives off change, excited to try new approaches to better serve ScaleFactor customers.

“What separates ScaleFactor from other accounting solutions is that we are software-based which gives us an opportunity to take chances and do things differently,” says Andrew Millet, CPA, Director of Customer Experience. Working with software, the CX Team is able to implement solutions faster which is really exciting for both the business and our customers.

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How The Team Works

First and foremost, the customer is the CX team’s main priority. Every day, the team manages one of the most important components of the customers’ businesses: their accounting and finances. Establishing trust and building relationships with the customer is important to the CX team and vital for achieving customer success.

To be successful, the CX team must also hold an innovative mindset, says Account Manager, Sean Haughey. ScaleFactor customers often utilize a variety of programs and resources, requiring the CX team to be flexible in their approach, pulling in different tools to produce the best outcome.

In order to achieve a high standard of customer service and prioritize innovation, the team balances collaboration with some healthy competition. Fanatics points and the How Can I Help Program offer support to drive the team forward to reach their goals. Fanatics points are earned whenever a team member gets positive recognition from a customer, and can be traded in for perks and rewards. The How Can I Help Program is designed to help other team members finish their milestones, so when one team member finishes early, they can offer up their time and help out another team member.

In addition to these programs, there are a lot of opportunities for professional growth. The Product Champions program enables a team member to be the connection between the Product Development team and the CX team. Product Champions are responsible for garnering product feedback, and teaching others about the product by holding regular trainings and lunch and learns. This program has been critical in connecting the CX team with new products.

While the perks and incentives of working on the team are great, the most rewarding aspects of the job are arguably felt with the customer. “One the best parts about being on this team is making an impact on small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs. You feel like you’re really a part of your customer’s success,” says Andrew.


The CX team is full of leaders and doers who are hungry to learn. They are smart, tech-forward individuals who take initiative to build customer relationships and drive better results.

Whether it’s with a customer or colleague at the next desk, building strong relationships is central to the team’s culture. For many, the CX team is like a family. Colleagues support each other and give each other the accountability they need to be the best they can be.

In addition to building relationships, navigating and seeking growth plays a key role in the team’s success. Kristen Johnson, Sr Account Manager, says she loves working at ScaleFactor because it has challenged her both personally and professionally, and made her feel “like a completely different person from a career advancement perspective.” There are many opportunities for growth, and sharing an enthusiasm for that growth is what unites the team and makes them successful.

While the CX team works hard, they also have a lot of fun. As Sean notes, “we can’t work the way we do, if we don’t enjoy the people who work with us.” When the team is taking a break, you’ll find them hanging out at quarterly events, going out to lunch or even on walks around the neighborhood. Some of the team’s outings include enjoying time at the lake, axe-throwing and going on boat cruises. The CX team also hosts pod events where small groups within the larger team go out together.

We’re Hiring

With the amazing growth ScaleFactor is experiencing, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the team!

The CX Team is looking to hire individuals with a background in accounting who are passionate about technology and driving change in the industry. If you feel like you’re a good fit and want to be a part of changing the way modern businesses operate, join the team!

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