What We Learned at Unleash the Power Within 2019

In 2018, ScaleFactor made it tradition to send a group to Unleash the Power Within (UPW) , a conference led by Tony Robbins that’s designed to help people break through their limitations and become their best selves. Encouraging attendees to achieve more than they thought possible, the three-day event is an immersive experience unlike any other. It’s the kind of growth opportunity that you can’t exactly prepare for, and until you go, you don’t really know what to expect. Alli Kendrick, ScaleFactor Account Executive, equated it to “jumping in the water without knowing the temperature.” You must experience it to know it.

While this event is often attended by business owners or individuals, ScaleFactor saw this conference as an opportunity to prioritize employee development, both on a personal and professional level. By taking an entire group to the event every year, we hope to give our employees a development opportunity that is unique and life-changing.

With that goal in mind, this year, we took eight of our employees to LA to Unleash the Power Within. While some of them had attended in previous years, most were venturing into unknown territory.


This year, Sr. Account Executive, Alli Kendrick; Sr. Onboarding Manager, Hunter Scott; Account Manager, Dominique Edwards; Jr. Software Developer, Daniel Croy; Product Manager, Mitchell Oldenburg; and UI/UX Designer, Kelly Price attended UPW. They were led by this year’s “sherpas” (folks who attended in past years), Director of People, Derek Felderhoff and Lead Sr. Software Developer, Matthew Carter. 

The Experience

Here’s what this year’s attendees thought about UPW and what it meant for them. 

Why did you want to attend UPW?

Dominique: “I wanted to be able to develop more leadership skills, and I thought an immersive event like UPW was ideal for that. It teaches you a lot about yourself and goes so much deeper than the surface-level stuff. It helps you better understand the way people work and think.”

Alli: “I had talked to people and read articles about how UPW was life-changing. I was very curious to experience it myself and really wanted to bring back key learnings to help other people around me.”

Hunter: “I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I did some research and decided this event could give me that challenge.”

How would you describe UPW?

Matthew: “It’s hard to explain. It’s half-motivational in that they walk you through your limiting beliefs and how you overcome them, but it also feels like a concert in a lot of ways because there’s a lot of energy and music.”

Dominique: “It’s something that requires a great deal of focus, and you definitely get out of it what you put into it. The event helps you discover your underlying issues and figure out how to change them. You can really get to the root and reframe your thinking so you can be a more effective person.”

Derek: “UPW is a special experience that I think anyone could find value in and benefit from. We all have our doubts, but you don’t need to doubt yourself. At the event, you learn that your mindset is key to creating the life that you want.”

What was the most important thing you got out of it?

Dominique: “Figuring out my limiting beliefs. I learned that all the reasons why I was limiting myself weren’t even really true. They were just stories that myself and society were telling over and over until I believed it. It was super enlightening.”

Matthew: “For me, it was being able to plan out what I want to accomplish in the next year and pick apart what’s stopping me from getting there.”

Mitchell: “I left with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders—it’s never been more clear to me that we are in complete control over our own destiny.”

For those who attended last year (sherpas), how was this year different from the last?

Matthew: “This year was different because I knew what to expect going into it. I got to revisit what I had planned to do last year, see what I accomplished, and evaluate some of the items I didn’t get to. I was able to think about what I was going to do differently, and that was super helpful.”

Derek: “This year was really unique. When we got back to our Airbnb after celebrating our last day, also known as “transformation day,” we all shared the values and beliefs that we discovered were limiting us. It was a pretty personal moment for everyone, and it was great to see that we had built this safe space for people to reinforce their truth.”

What factors helped make the experience for you?

Dominique: “Splitting up. I think by splitting up, we were all able to dive deep into ourselves without worrying about our colleague next to us. At the end of the day, we would all meet up and share our experiences. One of my key takeaways was that even if someone appears to be superhuman and have it all together, we all have our own limitations and struggles.”

Daniel: “Attending UPW with the group that was selected definitely helped make the experience for me, as I can’t imagine a better group of people to share it with. Also, being open to sharing myself helped to shape my experience. UPW requires getting deep at times, and being open to that helped me make the most out of it.”

Kelly: “I think it was the fact that ScaleFactor was so willing to invest in us on a personal and professional level. UPW is great because it helped us all look deep into ourselves and discover ways we can step up. Just having that shared experience and the key takeaways makes me really thankful that ScaleFactor sent me.”

Tell us about the Firewalk.

Alli: “That whole first day, you spend preparing and talking about getting into the right state of mind. They teach you if you walked too fast or if you stomped too hard, you may hurt yourself. But, if you walk with intention, then you can do it right.”

Mitchell: “I didn’t feel any nervousness until 3 seconds before I did it. It was a liberating feeling and a great exercise to prove that you can overcome your fears and limitations.”  

Hunter: “Honestly, I was so pumped up, I didn’t feel it”

What was attending with this group of people like?

Matthew: “I loved it. I knew these people, but I didn’t get to really bond with them until this trip.”

Kelly: “I really enjoyed getting closer to my coworkers and having that shared experience. It’s great that we can continue to share how everything is going after the event and we can also help keep each other accountable.”

Daniel: “This group was fantastic! Everyone went all in while we were at the conference, and not only did we get to bring this experience back to our individual teams, but we get to share it with each other as well. Our two ‘sherpas’ led us and provided guidance on how to make the most of our time at the conference and are all-around great individuals. I can’t imagine a better team to experience this with, and it was great getting to know each of the members on a deeper level.”


Here at ScaleFactor, we’re looking to always better our business and help our employees thrive. By giving folks an opportunity to discover and overcome their limiting beliefs, we believe we can help them reach their full potential. No matter what roadblocks you’re facing, UPW can help you understand how to reframe your thinking and overcome any obstacles.

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