Experiencing Business Growth? Take Measures Now to Scale Company Culture

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So your business is growing—and fast—which means it’s tempting to put all your eggs in one basket and focus solely on business strategy. We get it; it seems like you don’t have time for much else, including company culture. But hear us out! 

If your company is growing at a fast pace but neglecting culture, then you run the risk of employees becoming disconnected. A study by Gallup found that employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance by their organization. A good company culture means that your employees are likely happy, engaged, and having fun at work, which means that they’ll get more work done.

Since a positive company culture can increase engagement and productivity, encourage collaboration, and lead to happier employees, it is not something that should be overlooked. You don’t want your employees to get left behind while your company scales because those employees are the ones that are helping your company grow.

Here are our tips to scale your culture:

Hire The Right People

The first step in scaling your culture is making sure the right people are working for the business. Don’t just hire the right people for getting the job done, but the right people for your culture. There are plenty of awesome people out there that could do the job well, but when you have your choice in applicants it’s beneficial for both the company and the candidate to mesh well. 

If part of your company’s culture means that there’s music playing and people talking, but the candidate knows there’s no way they could get work done in that environment, then that means they may not be the best culture fit. One way to assess a good company fit is to have a culture interview as part of the normal hiring process. That way both the company and the candidate know what to expect from each other and if they are the right fit. 

Don’t Forget to Show Employees Your Appreciation

In order to have the best work culture possible, it’s important to make sure your employees are happy. Everyone would love to get a raise, but the happiness they get from it won’t last forever. Frequent positive feedback and small rewards (Everybody loves donuts!) are good ways to keep employees happy on a daily basis. If there is room in your budget, offering things like catered lunches, group social outings, and happy hours are a great way to boost office morale. 

Offering wellness or physical activity classes are not only a great way to keep your company healthy, but the endorphins released from a good workout can make it all the way back to the office. A study by Aflac found that 61% of employees are making healthier life choices thanks to their company’s wellness programs.

Promote a Positive Work Environment 

A positive work environment can do wonders for a company’s culture. If the office is a positive area for employees to collaborate, they’ll be more inclined to give their ideas and suggestions—which could just be the million-dollar idea your company needs (you never know). 

In a positive work environment, employees know they won’t be laughed at for their ideas and therefore feel more compelled to share them. It allows employees of all experience levels to feel fully invested in the projects they’re working on.     

Build a Solid Team

Your entire company is a team. That large team may be comprised of smaller, departmental teams, but everyone is working towards the goals of the company. Having team events like happy hours, lunches, and other social outings are a great way to keep that bond among your employees—especially if your company is growing at a fast rate. 

If your employees have a chance to get to know each other outside of a work setting, then they’ll feel more comfortable collaborating later on. 

Get Ready for Growth

As your business is quickly growing, it’s important to listen (really listen) to employee feedback. They are the ones that are getting a first-hand look at how the company is changing in their departments, which then translates to the entire business. Growing fast is a great thing, but it can be difficult and lead to culture problems (which can then lead to performance issues). 

One way to combat this is to hire a culture coordinator. That person can assess the changes that are happening in the company and its people to see what the company can do to make the culture better and employees happier. 

If your business doesn’t have the budget to hire someone to overlook culture, that’s okay! Try sending out surveys on employee happiness and satisfaction to see how your employees are feeling. You can even send out forms asking for employee input on how the company is doing in regards to work-life balance, office morale, company spirit, etc. 

The point is that the business has to get ahead of its growth. Don’t let your company grow too fast without being able to handle more employees. Get ahead, be prepared, and have plans for when your company’s growth starts skyrocketing. 

If you’re ready to join an awesome team with an amazing culture, then don’t forget to check out our open positions.

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