How To Scale A Winning Recruiting Platform

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When your business begins to grow, it can be very exciting but also incredibly stressful. While most business owners understand that employees are one of the most critical ingredients for success, very few know how to attract and hire the best talent on a larger scale.

If you’re unsure how to scale your recruiting efforts, here are seven tips to help you succeed.

Set Up A Recruiting Team

Getting the best & brightest to join your business demands more than ad hoc recruiting processes. To grow your company the right way, you need to align your recruiting efforts with the expansion of your business. Building a recruiting team from within your organization can provide excellent insight into your company’s requirements and yield higher assessment rates. A team with multiple forms of insight can also better evaluate how candidates fit into the wider organizational culture.

Define Your Job Requirements

Before you can create a job description, your recruiting team must understand the particular job requirements of each role. Although it’s easy to grab a generic list of job requirements from a quick Google search, the job you need to fill will usually call for unique responsibilities. Taking the time to flesh out what each role involves makes it much easier to create a clear job description and helps avoid conflicts related to job responsibilities in the future.

Present Your Job Requirements Correctly & Honestly

Job descriptions need to be direct, honest, and explicit and grab the attention of the best candidates. They should include the primary duties and responsibilities but also goals and minor tasks. Making your expectations clear and including sufficient detail will help you avoid misunderstandings and quickly weed out the applicants that are not appropriately skilled in the right areas.

Standardize Your Assessments For Each Role

Many companies rely on a current employee or employees to devise their interviews & evaluations. But with approach, you can’t guarantee quality, as there is no standard procedure in place to ensure consistency. Implement a “grade scale” so all interviewers know what they are assessing and understand the traits, skills and experience they should be looking for. Standardization will help evaluate candidates fairly and uniformly and assist recruiters in making better decisions.

Utilize Social Media

The invention of social networks has changed the recruiting game. From the way people interact & search for employment to how businesses disseminate information. But some companies continue to ignore these shifts, using tools from the past. Recruiting in the technologically advanced and connected world requires businesses to use social networking platforms. Here are three things to remember:

  • Posting jobs on social media is about timing and appeal. You need to get people’s attention fast!
  • Place your job postings where you believe your ideal candidates spend most of their time. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter?
  •  While your job post may not always reach the right person, it might reach a friend of theirs. This means your job post must be easy to share.

Leverage Technology

Technology-driven recruiting tools that can help you track and automate some of your recruiting efforts are continuously hitting the market. From screening technologies that increase the success rates of hiring to video technologies that can replace longer interviewing processes. There is a world of tech opportunities waiting for you. Start exploring your options.

Build a Network

Consider a “talent network” that allows a candidate to sign up, regardless of interest in a particular position. This can be done through an employment section on your website that captures candidate’s details. It’s also important to build relationships with university placement offices and network by participating in conferences and professional associations.

With the right pieces in places, an excellent recruiting platform can be a huge asset to your growing company. It is an absolute necessity in times of rapid growth so that demands can be met and revenue is not lost. Taking these seven steps and the necessary preparation will help ensure you continue to grow an awesome team.

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