How Company Culture Boosts Productivity (If It’s Done Right)

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Strong productivity is the result of many things, but it starts with an award-winning culture. Think about it for a moment. If your employee wakes up in the morning and is already dreading going to work, how productive are they really going to be? But when you have an employee that is excited for work because of the people they get to work with and the culture they get to be immersed in, then that leads to a much more productive experience. When someone doesn’t want to be in the office, it’s less likely that they will spend their time being productive.  

Productivity in the workplace is something that many business owners and managers struggle with. Trying to get your employees to focus and get work done can be difficult and frustrating. But if employees are finding it difficult to be productive at work, that may mean something is wrong with the culture in the office. 

Creating a positive work culture can do wonders for productivity in the office. Here are some reasons why:

Positive Work Culture Leads to Happier Employees

When someone dreads going to work, they are likely to drag their feet and complain internally all day. They might stare at the clock and count down the hours until 5 p.m. rolls around. In short, they’ll probably do the bare minimum they need to do to get by. 

On the other hand, if you establish a work culture that your employees are excited to be a part of, then productivity will increase. In a study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike of productivity while unhappy employees proved to be 10% less productive. 

If team members are happy at work then they are more likely to be better collaborators, work to achieve common goals, and be more creative in finding solutions to problems. Happy employees are more likely to exceed expectations which means that your entire office can get more done. Also, if your employees are happy then they are more likely to stick around. When your company doesn’t have to spend time on interviewing, hiring, and training new people then you can focus on other things that will boost productivity in the office. 

Positive Work Culture Impacts Engagement

Does your company’s culture make employees feel excited and connected to the work they are doing? If not, it’s time to make some adjustments. The culture of the company is an important factor in an employee’s level of engagement. When an employee is engaged in an office setting, they look at the company as a whole. They understand their purpose, as well as where and how they fit in. Employees that don’t feel any engagement to their work will just show up for a paycheck—nothing else. 

When employees are highly engaged, they treat the company as if they are an actual owner of the business because they are proud to be a part of it. They care more about the results they are producing, which means they will be more productive and work to produce their best work possible.

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Positive Work Culture Inspires Good Ideas

Instead of building walls, your team needs to build bridges—and great company culture does just that. There is always a hierarchy in an office. From bosses and managers to entry-level and interns, everyone knows who they report to. If those higher up in the hierarchy seem intimidating or like they would laugh at your idea to have the company picnic at a trampoline park, then employees are less likely to speak up. 

A positive work culture encourages employees of all experience levels to be fully invested in the projects and tasks they’re assigned. When employees feel like they are able to speak, they are more likely to share what they think is the best idea to solve a problem or a way to make a product or service better. They won’t feel like they need to keep their ideas to themselves for the fear of it not being good enough or laughed at. New perspectives are always important for being productive.

Positive Work Cultures Promotes Collaboration

In a positive work environment, employees will feel encouraged to get to know their co-workers and team members. When the culture allows and encourages you to chat, spend time in the office, grab lunch, and truly get to know the people you spend every day with then everyone will feel more comfortable when sharing ideas and allow themselves to be more creative. 

Collaboration is a huge part of a productive work environment. When teams collaborate to solve problems then work gets done better and more efficiently.

If you want to keep employees productive, you need to ensure they’re happy, open to collaboration, and able to express their creativity. Creating a strong company culture is one of the most important things you can do for the well being of your employees and your company. Because when you have a dedicated team that is happy and productive, then there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Now that you know how company culture can increase productivity, check out the ScaleFactor blog for more tips to build the best office culture.

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