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If you ask anyone on the Development Team what they love about their job, they will say the people and the problems that they get to solve.

“ScaleFactor’s software development poses a lot of new, unsolved problems and the technical challenges that come with that is super exciting and rewarding,” says Peter Myers, Lead Sr Software Developer at ScaleFactor. With a growing team of developers, Peter says that working with a group of fun, really smart people to solve these challenging problems is what makes him excited to come into work everyday.

Here is a little bit more about the team and their experience at ScaleFactor!


The Development Team fosters a collaborative environment where its members are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback to each other. Brian Simmons, Director of Products, says it’s important to create a space where folks can feel safe and be wrong sometimes, and know that that’s okay. From doing code reviews on each other’s work to Lunch n’ Learns, the Development Team always strives to communicate and learn from each other.

Collaboration doesn’t just happen inside the Development Team. In fact, there’s a lot of cross-collaboration involved to better understand ScaleFactor’s customer needs and their accounting pain points. The Development Team works closely with customers and ScaleFactor’s account managers to understand the financial side and create the solutions businesses really need. This aspect is what led Matt Carter, Lead Sr Software Developer, to the company. Matt enjoys being a part of the full progression of the problem-solving: from the ideation phase to building the product to getting customer feedback.

While collaboration plays a key role in the Development Team’s success, it’s the ability of individual team members to take ownership over their projects that gets the job done. The team operates on trust in each other’s capabilities to complete the job and ask for guidance when needed.


Culture is more than team outings and being in a cool office. It’s the company values that are reflected in one’s work, day in and day out. The Development Team thrives on values of mutual respect, the desire to learn from one another and by pushing each other to be their best. They have an attitude that there is no wrong way to approach a problem. To them, being smart is important, but being curious, creative and being humble when you’re wrong is just as meaningful.

While the work is rewarding, the Development Team also makes a point to have fun outside of the office. The team prioritizes getting to know each other and often connects for lunch outside at the picnic tables. Some of the Development Team’s favorite memories are the Techstars demo retreat, quarterly team outings and celebrating wins together every week.

Exciting Things Ahead

The Development Team consists of people who care about technology and are passionate about what they’re doing. With ScaleFactor’s growth, the Development Team is looking to expand the team, enabling them to make even more proactive solutions, faster.

More Roles
The Development Team is hiring software developers as well as introducing new roles! The team welcomed ScaleFactor’s first Product Manager, Meagan Conley in July. Her role focuses on building processes to scale, getting customer feedback and expanding on what the product can offer. As a Product Manager, Meagan says she is most excited to work with the customers and Development Team to create interesting features and witness their impact.

New Products
Currently, the Development Team is focused on creating their newest products, Cash Vision and an Integration Hub. Cash Vision will enable ScaleFactor users to see different cash position scenarios for their business up to 6 months out. The Integration Hub will speedily integrate with ScaleFactor users’ multiple platforms to streamline their workflows faster. It’s these kind of solutions that enable ScaleFactor customers to operate their business more efficiently and strategically. “We’re helping businesses navigate the financial difficulties of running and scaling their business, and that’s really fulfilling,” says Peter.

We’re Hiring!

Collaborative, smart and passionate, ScaleFactor’s Development Team brings enthusiasm and expertise to the office every day. If you feel like you could be a good fit and want to be a part of this exciting initiative to change the way modern businesses operate, join the team! 

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