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Never miss a beat with ScaleFactor’s mobile app, now available on both iOS and Android!

One of the biggest problems with today’s accounting solutions is their lack of mobility. Most small business owners are required to be on-the-move, not sitting at a desk all day managing their accounting. Our mobile app gives small business owners the flexibility and accessibility they need to run and grow their business.

Like push notifications for your business, ScaleFactor’s Android and iOS app brings users real-time insights to help you plan ahead, make predictions, and forecast your cash flow no matter where you are located.

Connecting you to daily insights, fast expense recognition, and key financial metrics, the iOS and Android app is designed to help business owners like you work smarter, not harder.  

Here’s more on why you’ll love the ScaleFactor iOS and Android app:

Easy Expense Management

Tracking your expenses has never been more convenient. ScaleFactor’s mobile app enables you to track and manage your expenses at any time, any place. Transactions are updated and classified every day. If there is a new transaction that needs your attention, you will receive a notification.

Manage Your Receipts

Never lose sight of a receipt again! Simply snap a picture with your phone and instantly upload your receipts using the ScaleFactor app. As soon as a transaction hits your accounting file, you can upload and attach your digital receipt images. In the meantime, all your photos will be stored on ScaleFactor’s document library.

ScaleFactor Accounting and Bookkeeping Mobile App - Android and iOS
ScaleFactor Accounting and Bookkeeping Mobile App - Android and iOS

Fresh Business Insights

With a busy and hectic schedule, it’s important you are able to make important business decisions on the fly. The iOS and Android mobile app ensure your accounting file is updated hourly.

The ScaleFactor app delivers fresh insights every day, giving you what you need to make those decisions quickly and strategically.

Gain Control

Gain and maintain financial control with an app that gives you peace of mind and helps you stay on top of your business.

Multiple-Entity Login

Stop logging into multiple platforms. With the ScaleFactor app, you can toggle between different business entities in one place on your mobile app. Stay up to date and in control of all your accounts with a multiple-entity login.

Push Notifications for Your Business

Whether you’re in an important business meeting or at your son’s soccer game, you should always feel in control of your business. ScaleFactor helps you gain control by sending alerts with actionable steps that you can complete using the app on your smartphone. Continuously interact with your Business OS and never miss out on important notifications!

Mobile Messaging Tool

Have a question before going into an important business meeting? Ask Marge or send a direct message to your dedicated account manager. Now it’s even easier to contact your ScaleFactor expert on the go with our mobile messaging tool!

ScaleFactor Accounting and Bookkeeping Mobile App - Android and iOS

Go Mobile

Run your business at your fingertips with ScaleFactor’s mobile app, available on Android and iOS! If you already have a ScaleFactor account, simply download the app on the App Store or Google Play to get started.

Don’t have a ScaleFactor account? Talk to an expert today to get set up!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted on September 18, 2018 and has been completely updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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