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Scalefactor invoicing

Invoices are key to bringing in revenue and running a business efficiently, so losing track of your invoices is not something your business can afford.

We understand that keeping tabs on your invoices is a lot harder than it looks, especially when your business is growing and you are hard-pressed for time. ScaleFactor’s built-in invoicing tool eases the process, helps you stay organized and gives you what you need to maintain cash flow visibility.


Never ask this question again: Was this invoice processed already? Tracking your A/P and A/R has never been easier with ScaleFactor’s invoicing tracker. In an easy-to-view dashboard, you can see the status of all your invoices.

Gain better visibility with easy access to your total number of open invoices as well as your total revenue amount and total amount overdue.

Invoice dashboard

Simple Invoice Creation

ScaleFactor takes the hassle and discomfort out of invoice collections with a better way to create and send invoices! 

To create an invoice, simply connect your account with Stripe, click the “add new” button and plug in your invoice details.

ScaleFactor gives you the ability to add multiple lines and customize your invoice with your company logo.

Create customized invoice

Secure Transfer

Partnering with Stripe, ScaleFactor ensures that the transfer of funds between you and your customers is always secure.

Simply connect your Stripe account to ScaleFactor in your “Accounts” section of the portal to begin processing your payments!

Track Your Invoices Today!

Start using ScaleFactor’s invoice tool today to keep better tabs on your invoices and gain control. If you have a ScaleFactor account, simply log in and use the “Invoicing” tab on the left side of the screen.

Don’t have an account? Call us or request a demo today!

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