Feature of the Week: Expense Insights

Scalefactor expense insights

The biggest difference between a bookkeeper and using an accounting software is that a software does more than just manage and maintain your books.

ScaleFactor’s accounting software delivers valuable, automated insights straight to your dashboard, giving you real-time data visibility. Making sense of what your data is trying to tell you can be difficult, but our expense insights make it easy and straightforward.

Prioritize What Matters

Our expense insights are customizable, so you can prioritize the categories that matter most to you and opt out of the ones that you don’t want to see.

Create custom groups to track your most important spending.

Creating custom expense insights
Budget to actual percentage view


ScaleFactor’s custom alerts help you be proactive instead of reactive with your spending. Set up notifications for when you hit a certain percentage of your budget spending.

Always be ahead of the game with tracking and managing your expenses.

Know Where Your Cash Goes

Visualize your expenses in real-time. Using the “Percent of Budget” view, you can see exactly where you stand on your spending.

ScaleFactor’s Expense Insights help you pinpoint areas where you can spend less and areas where you should spend more.

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See Your Expense Insights Today!

If you have a ScaleFactor account, simply login to see your Expense Insights at the top of your dashboard.

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