Introducing ScaleFactor’s newest feature: Cash Vision! Cash Vision enables business owners like you to see the impact today’s decisions could have on your business up to 6 months out. Using your current and historical accounting data, ScaleFactor’s Cash Vision allows you to test multiple scenarios and accurately predict the future of your business!

Cash In vs. Cash Out

ScaleFactor’s Cash In and Cash Out feature narrows in on your recurring and non-recurring transactions for each month.

These details make all the difference in helping you better predict what next month or the next 6 months looks like for your business.

Calendar View

The Cash Vision Calendar is a visual feature that helps you get an idea of your cash flow for the month. You can even look at how much you spent or made on a specific day.

This visual tool displays your incoming cash, outgoing cash, and beginning and ending balances.

Build Hypothetical Scenarios

Your business is ever-changing, which means your cash flow projections will change too. Are you in a good cash flow position to hire your next employee? Do you have enough cash to buy a new fleet of company vehicles? Can you swing moving into a new office?

Now, you can create hypothetical scenarios to forecast the impact decisions could have on your cash balance! You can create as many scenarios as you need.

Get Cash Vision Today!

Designed to help you make smarter business decisions, the Cash Vision dashboard outlines your cash flow in table, calendar and graph formats to give you a clear view of your cash position spanning 6 months. If you have a ScaleFactor account, go the right sidebar and click ‘Cash Vision’ to get started!

Don’t have a ScaleFactor account? Request a demo today!

Meagan Conley Grace &Meagan Conley Grace
Product Manager