COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information for SMBs

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has reached all 50 states and is continuing to impact the world. Updates on the virus are happening by the minute, while both the private sector and the government continue to combat the effects this will have on the economy and, specifically, small businesses. 

Our top priority is making sure you’re able to focus on more important things than your business’ books—both through this crisis and beyond. To help, we’ve compiled a list of small business resources for verified programs and relief efforts and listed them below. 

The CDC and WHO remain the best resources for the latest updates on the virus as it pertains to your health. You’ll find breaking news we think might be useful to small business owners at the bottom of this page, these articles are being updated and aren’t official policy or announcements, but you might want to be aware of them.

Know what you’re looking for? Hop to the resources you need most here.

Your Top Resources

Small Business Resources

HR Resources

Tax Resources

Financial Resources

Many financial institutions and businesses are stepping up to help small businesses during this time. Should you need any help, these are some of the resources available.


If your business is being impacted by COVID-19, you should reach out to your bank or credit issuer directly. The links below are simply statements we were able to find online and are not representative of an exhaustive list. 

Developing Stories

These stories are developing quickly but could have consequences for your small business. 

This post was last updated on June 4, 2020. We will do our best to update according to the latest news.

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