Build Your Marketing Foundation In 3 Steps

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Marketing is constantly evolving, especially with the rise of digital marketing. As a small business owner, it’s easy to get lost in the endless opportunities of the web. Establishing a few key marketing elements when you launch your business will save you the headache of playing catch up down the road. Because eventually, you’ll need them! Here are three essential tips for establishing your marketing foundation.

Brand Identity

Building your brand identity in the early stages of your company will help you to grow and scale in line with your vision. If you only invest in one marketing item, make it your logo. Hire a professional to create a high-quality logo that is unique to your business and in line with your vision. This is important—your logo will be on everything. Ask your designer for the hex codes, and make a note of the font and color codes so you can always have them on hand. This will be very helpful for any communications you send as a company.

It’s important to have a framework of your brand identity. Create a company fact sheet to outline your mission, background, products, services and value proposition. Make this fit your business! If you have a tagline, introductory video or a list of interesting tidbits, add them to your fact sheet. You can use this sheet as a guide as you begin to grow your marketing endeavors. Additionally, you can share it with new team members to greet them with your company culture on day one!

Company Website

You need a company website, and it should be responsive. Today, purchasing decisions are largely made online, including on mobile devices. To stay relevant, you must have a company website. You can build a simple website with your high-quality logo, a brief description of your business and your contact information. Adding company information, such as an About Us page, is an easy way to further personalize your site.

Responsive layouts automatically resize when viewed on a tablet or mobile device so your users don’t have to manually zoom to find what they’re looking for. More importantly, an unresponsive layout can cost you potential business if users leave and opt for a competitor’s site. Still not convinced? Take it from Google: “responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern.”

There are a number of excellent CMS website builders that offer intuitive drag and drop functionality and fully responsive templates. These builders allow you to quickly and easily build, publish and maintain your website.

Building A Digital Presence (Beyond Your Website)

The digital market is larger than ever, and expanding every day. As a business owner, it can be overwhelming, and difficult to discern where to market your business. Take a step back and think about your business. Which social networks do you visit, and which ones naturally align with your brand? How can social media support your business? For example, if you’re selling products, put your business on Facebook and Instagram. Share images and videos of your new products and happy customers. Revisiting your brand’s foundation and identity will allow you to focus on mediums that will support your business’ growth and goals.

Bottom line, consistency is key. Use your logo and defined color scheme across your company’s digital presence. Build a website that is clear to the user and aligned with your brand identity, and leverage social networks that naturally fit your business. Most importantly, have fun with

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