Feature of the Week: Smart Bill Pay

Scalefactor bill pay feature

If you own a business, you may know that managing your cash flow is one of the most crucial yet difficult tasks. With that in mind, ScaleFactor made a bill pay feature to simplify your cash flow management.

Users can use Bill Pay to upload, view, pay and manage their bills. Simply upload your bills and our automated system will take care of the rest! Plus, ScaleFactor automatically syncs with Xero and Quickbooks, keeping your accounting file (and business) up-to-date.

Adding Bills is a Breeze

Uploading bills is easy! Simply drag and drop your bills or send us an email with your bill attached. ScaleFactor accepts multiple file types, making it easy to quickly add your bills to the platform and share.

Want to see the status of your bills? Using our intuitive dashboard, you can see the payment status of all your bills in one place.

For easy tax compliance, you can also get continuous W9 and 1099 vendor collection.

Upload your bills screen

Manage Your Spend

Don’t waste another minute searching for a receipt or invoice. ScaleFactor enables you to keep all your bills in one convenient, secure place.

Quickly sort through your bills to see what bills are overdue, pending approval, processing and what’s been paid. You can also take an approval action right away from, and include comments if necessary.

Sort bills by status

Automatic Payment Processing

ScaleFactor makes tracking your payments and expenses a breeze. With automatic payment processing, you don’t have to worry about manually inputting your billing and receipt information. We got that covered.

Pay your bills with same-day ACH or send paper checks. Our system enables you to easily pay all of your bills with a single login.

Select check or ACH

Use Bill Pay Today

Bill Pay helps you stay on top of your cash flow and make better business decisions. If you have a ScaleFactor account, simply log in and use the “Bill Pay” tab on the left side of the screen or send us your bills directly.

Don’t have an account? Give us a call or request a demo today!

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