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Frequently Asked Accounting and Bookkeeping Package Questions

Do I need a QuickBooks or Xero account?

Yes! ScaleFactor is not a replacement for your accounting file. Instead, we are a companion to your QuickBooks or Xero account. While you won’t need to do any work in those accounts while with ScaleFactor, your accounting file will always be yours.

Beyond bookkeeping, what does ScaleFactor offer?

In addition to bookkeeping, ScaleFactor offers bill pay and payroll management in collaboration with our friends at and Gusto. These solutions integrate with the ScaleFactor app so you can handle more of your business finances in one spot.

What if I have questions about my books?

ScaleFactor has a dedicated support team ready to answer questions about your account. Contact them by email or through the app and access dozens of frequently asked questions in our Help Center.

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