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Every Accounting and Bookkeeping Plan Includes:


ScaleFactor Insights Mobile App

Real-Time Automated Bookkeeping

24/7 vController Via Text, Online, Mobile App

Convert Accounting File to Xero™ or Quickbooks Online™

Premium Add-Ons:

Payroll Administration

Bill Pay: Same Day and Next Day

Invoice Management

Cash Vision

TaxMax™: Tax Tips, 1-Click Federal and Local Filing

Custom Reports

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ScaleFactor Integrates With Your Business Software

Tools You’ll Love


BusinessOS gives you uninterrupted access to automated bookkeeping, digestable insights, intuitive dashboards, and more! It’s never been easier to track and manage your business finances.

Rise and Grind

ScaleFactor is always working for you, so you can run your business on your own schedule. Rise and Grind with proactive alerts, expense insights, and your vController.

FinTech for Entrepreneurs

Keep your financial records clean, accurate, and investor-ready with FinTech, utilizing continuous sync to your accounting file and automated bookkeeping for your business transactions.

Digital Filing Cabinet

House important business information, such as your EIN, Insurance, and Certifications and keep your bookkeeping in order! A must-have for professionals on-the-go.

Growth Never Sleeps

Growth Never Sleeps when ScaleFactor is doing the heavy lifting for you around the clock – tracking payments, classifying expenses, and offering proactive insights.

Powering Growth Companies

We’re Powering Growth Companies at all stages with options for every business need. Our automated bookkeeping, dedicated support, and financial reporting are available with every package.

Frequently Asked Accounting and Bookkeeping Package Questions

How does ScaleFactor manage my bookkeeping and accounting?

ScaleFactor uses AI and machine learning to classify transactions and feed that information to your accounting file in QuickBooks or Xero. While our software learns, customers may be asked to confirm classifications or provide missing information through push notifications and alerts. Any questions or concerns are addressed by our support team of CPA’s.

Beyond bookkeeping and accounting, what does ScaleFactor offer?

In addition to bookkeeping, ScaleFactor’s software is equipped to handle bill pay and payroll management, tax compliance assistance, and financial reporting. Our online dashboards and reports keep all of your business’ most pressing financial data in one, easy-to-access place. We’re adding additional capabilities all the time.

What sets ScaleFactor apart from other online accounting and bookkeeping service providers?

ScaleFactor is much more than a bookkeeping solution. Our software has the ability to integrate with other solutions and manage more areas of your business, like invoicing, bill payment, and payroll. With all your financial data in one central location, our software is able to analyze your information, provide valuable insights, and help you make important decisions. And our mobile app allows you to access that information on the go.

Will I need to keep my QuickBooks or Xero account?

We will take over your QuickBooks or Xero account, meaning those subscription fees will be rolled into your ScaleFactor agreement. As fully-integrated partners of both QuickBooks and Xero, our software interacts seamlessly with these solutions.

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