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Payroll and Accounting Software In One

Pay employees with ease and automatically sync expenses to your accounting records.

Payroll Made Easy

With ScaleFactor’s comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping software, all your small business’ payroll management needs can be handled through one, easy-to-use platform. Our software minimizes tedious tasks while making it easy to information-gather and adjust payday details as needed.

Get the full picture of your payroll spending. Quickly break down past payroll spends into categories like benefits, wages, and taxes. Easily access detailed employee and company information like names, addresses, and compensation.

On top of that, make payroll adjustments to your account for things like salary increases, bonuses, and more.

Why Small Businesses Love Seamless Payroll with ScaleFactor

Spend Less Time on Payroll

Let us handle time-consuming admin tasks, like employee setup and salary changes.

Automatic Syncing

Payroll expenses feed straight to accounting, without you needing to lift a finger.

Easy Payroll Adjustments

We’ll handle your adjustments for you and the complicated taxes and admin that come with it.

Seamlessly Take Care of Payroll with ScaleFactor

Accounting and bookkeeping are easier when you can access all the financial and payroll data for your small business in one place. That’s why ScaleFactor works with your favorite payroll software.

You can easily use Gusto or ADP with ScaleFactor to administer payroll, make adjustments, and more. Plus, you get the benefit of your payroll and books talking to one another to give you the most accurate look at the pulse of your business.

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor really helped us streamline our back office, leveraging world-class technology products to do that."

Paige, CEO & Founder Will Reed

An Exclusive Offer for ScaleFactor Customers

Our friends at Gusto have an exciting offer. ScaleFactor customers will receive their first 3 months of Gusto service free and an exclusive discounted rate after that.

Most Gusto customers spend less than 5 minutes processing payroll, and 4 out of 5 notice fewer payroll errors after making the switch.

Best of all? Gusto integrates seamlessly with ScaleFactor, making payroll even easier.

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