Streamline Your Business’ Finances
with an Outsourced CFO

It’s the blessing and the curse of a small business. Everyone is aiming for success, but the more you succeed the more daunting and complex your finances become.

Not all small business owners can afford to hire a full-time chief financial officer (CFO) to examine and manage their financials and accounting though. So what is a small business to do?

ScaleFactor offers an outsourced CFO as part of our finance and accounting solution especially for small businesses. Not only do you get one of our trusted experts to help you navigate your finances, but you get our suite of software to keep your financial reporting, accounting, payroll management, and bookkeeping running 24/7.

How Will Outsourcing a CFO Benefit Your Business?

For starters, employing a full-time CFO who demands a six-figure salary simply isn’t feasible, especially if your business is just taking off. An outsourced CFO won’t require tax payments, health benefits and retirement premiums — there’s no trade-off for the expert financial management and savings you’ll gain from an outsourced financial officer.

Regarding the actual management of your business’ finances, outsourcing CFO functions to ScaleFactor allows for the increased supervision of accounting functions, as well as refining policies, procedures, and methodology for improved efficiency and scalability. Moreover, we’ll enhance your communication with investors and lenders, as well as provide comprehensive metrics and data reporting to streamline your business’ operational functions.

Outsourcing CFO responsibilities is far from being a lesser alternative. In fact, letting ScaleFactor manage your financial data allows you to improve your accounting systems and save on hiring costs. You’ll be free to focus on more critical issues and projects that will keep your company growing.