Skip the Surprises

Keep an eye on your business with real-time visibility and fresh insights to move your business forward.

Detailed Reports and Insights

ScaleFactor provides monthly reports that go beyond your Profit and Loss, providing explanations for the cause of any changes.

We also evaluate your financial data and provide insights to help you better manage your business and business expenses.

Why You’ll Love 24/7 Visibility

Multi-Entity Login

Manage all your entities with one single login!

Hourly Updates

Our software is programmed to sync with your accounts every hour, ensuring fresh data.

See Opportunities

Quickly see exactly where your business is excelling and where it can improve.


Marge is ScaleFactor’s chatbot and your personal financial assistant. Marge is here to help you any time you need a hand. She can answer over 90 questions and can submit tickets to your dedicated experts.

She understands your financial requests and answers within seconds. Available 24/7, you can reach Marge via the web app, mobile app or text message.

Custom Dashboard

Make strategic decisions with meaningful, fresh data at your fingertips! It’s easy to plug your business data into your ScaleFactor dashboard.

Drag and drop widgets as you need to make your dashboard work for your business. Customize your dashboard view to better fit your business needs. Customization is quick and brings your business’ most important information to one convenient spot.
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Insights On The Go

As a business owner, you are always busy and working on-the-fly. ScaleFactor ensures that you are never without key insights!

Whether you’re on your laptop or using our mobile app, operating metrics and daily insights are always at your fingertips.
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What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor’s goal is to help their clients be more efficient and effective, and they do a great job offering suggestions and solutions to address our biggest challenges."

Haley, CEO Kammok

Even More Ways to Scale


Transaction Cards
Expense Insights
Auto Reconciliation
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Auto Bill Processing
Same Day ACH
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Compliance Calendar
Federal and State
File Your Taxes
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Automatic Sync
Easy Integrations
Fast Payroll
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Cash Vision

Forecast Cash Flow
Build Scenarios
6 Month Projections
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