How ScaleFactor Works

Our business is to obsess about yours.

What We Are

Your Essential Business OS

We bring automation and machine learning to your essential business processes, like bookkeeping, invoicing, bill payment, and payroll. 

We’re always on and always up to date, giving you a complete picture of your business finances – 24 hours a day.

How to Get Started with ScaleFactor

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Connect Your Accounts

Hook ScaleFactor up to your bank, accounting file, and other business apps. We’ll gather all your financial data in one central place. No more logging in to seven apps to get the same information.

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Check Out Your Feed

Quickly review new alerts, notifications, and insights right when you log in. This is where we’ll highlight important items, like when we notice you’re spending more than normal or when we need your help with an unknown transaction.

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Start Your Day With ScaleFactor 

Review your custom dashboard any time, anywhere to get the most up-to-date picture of the health of your business. With ScaleFactor, your most important metrics are never more than a few clicks away.

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How We Automate

ScaleFactor Classifies Transactions Automatically

ScaleFactor connects directly to your bank accounts and accounting file. We use automation to classify transactions as they’re processed and filter that information to live dashboards and reports. Your accounting is too important for guesswork, so if the software doesn’t recognize a transaction, you’ll receive a notification asking for some help. But we’ll only ask once. After that, ScaleFactor will recognize the transaction and classify it automatically.

How We Integrate

ScaleFactor Partners With Your Favorite Software

Our goal is to help you analyze your business finances—when you want, where you want. To get the full picture, you need access to all of your financial data in one central place. Some of your financial information will live elsewhere, and we respect that. It’s why we’ve built a robust network of integration partners. So whether you use Stripe or Salesforce, you can access the information you need from them right in ScaleFactor.

Scalefactor Partner Integrations
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How We Learn

Machine Learning to Help Your Business

ScaleFactor’s machine learning capabilities are like a fine wine—they get better with time. The more financial data that’s run through ScaleFactor, the better it is at analyzing trends and spotting irregularities. This is how we can alert you if you’re spending more than normal or if your margins are slimmer than usual. By combing through your data, ScaleFactor helps alert you to changes in your business before they become problems.

How We Support You

A Company Built by Accounting Professionals

ScaleFactor’s trusted software was built in collaboration with a talented team of accounting experts and CPAs. Working behind the scenes, our in-house accounting team helps drive future enhancements to ScaleFactor’s software and offer support to our customers.

Scalefactor Employees

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor really helped us streamline our back office, leveraging world-class technology products to do that.”

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Will Reed

How We Help

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Know where your business stands at all times with ScaleFactor. We’re always on, always up to date—so you can spend less time organizing your finances and more time using that information to drive growth.

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