Customer FAQs

Will you still file my 2019 Taxes? 

Yes, any current customers who have approved their financials and provided all required tax information are good to go. We may reach out to current customers for additional information we need to complete their returns. We are proactively reaching out to these customers directly, they will have two business days to provide us the requested information in order for us to file their taxes.

Will you file my 2020 Taxes? 

No. We will refund any payments related to tax work for 2020.

Will you do my financial close for June? 

Yes, we will complete financial close for June and July. We will not support August financial close. 

Will I still be billed for June? 

Yes. All customers who are on monthly billing plans have been billed for June. This will be your final bill. You will no longer receive monthly bills beyond July 1, 2020. Customers who prepaid their accounts using the annual or quarterly plan will receive a pro-rata refund for the month of July 2020 through the end of their prepayment. 

Will I be receiving a refund? 

Customers who prepaid their accounts using the annual or quarterly plan will receive a pro-rata refund for the month of July 2020 through the end of their plan year. Additionally, ScaleFactor will send an Early Termination and Release Agreement for all Customers to sign. 

What will happen to my contract? 

Contracts set to renew on or before July 31, 2020 will expire on their stated expiration date and will not be renewed. 

Contracts set to renew on or after August 1, 2020 will be cancelled. 

Will ScaleFactor software still work? 

We will still support ScaleFactor software through August 28th, 2020. You can access your ScaleFactor account as usual through that date. The primary customer support email address [email protected] will also still be in service. 

After that date, we will no longer be supporting ScaleFactor software.  You can access your financials in Quickbooks, Xero or other accounting software that you use.

What about all the information I have stored in ScaleFactor? 

Customers needing financials after August 28th should log directly into their accounting software.

Will ScaleFactor still have access to my data? 

ScaleFactor will maintain access to data until the end of your contract date. Please visit our Terms of Service for more information. 

I run Payroll through ScaleFactor. What is the last date I can run payroll? 

We will run payroll through July 31st.  

Will my Gusto account still work? How do I run payroll going forward? 

Should you choose to continue with Gusto, your account will remain active and you can continue using Gusto for payroll. The monthly fee you pay for Gusto may change due to their terms. 

I use ScaleFactor Bill Pay. Are all my bills going to be paid this month? 

We will run Bill Pay through July 31st.  

Will my account still work? How do I pay my bills going forward? 

We will transfer the account ownership to you and remove you from the ScaleFactor console. It is your decision if you want to keep the account or not. If you do, you will need to enter payment information to maintain your account.

Is there anything I need to do to ensure my books can be closed for June and July?

Yes. Please log in to your Quickbooks Online or Xero account and confirm your bank and credit card accounts are connected. 

My accounts weren’t connected to my accounting file. Will ScaleFactor complete bookkeeping for the time period these were disconnected?

Once your accounts are reconnected, ScaleFactor will catch up bookkeeping on transactions synced from that account for a maximum of 90 days prior.

NOTE: ScaleFactor will not be able to go back earlier than 90 days from when your account is reconnected. If your accounts were disconnected for more than 90 days, we can’t guarantee a complete financial close. We will continue bookkeeping through July 31, 2020. 

What about the bank accounts I have connected to ScaleFactor? Will those be automatically disconnected? 

Yes, all connected accounts to ScaleFactor will be disconnected after work is complete for July close.