The Ultimate Charge Card for Small Business

ScaleFactor’s fully-integrated, customizable Visa cards provide unmatched visibility and control over spending and expense management.

Scalefactor card and dashboard
Scalefactor Card transactionScalefactor Card transactionScalefactor Card transaction
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Scalefactor card and dashboard

Perfectly Integrated & Up to Date

Tired of downloading and syncing spending reports across software systems and vendors?  The ScaleFactor Visa is perfectly integrated with your ScaleFactor accounting suite so you can see the financial health of your business in a single snapshot with no more reports to download—ever.

Customize Cards to Your Spending Needs

Finally, a card system that’s flexible enough to grow with your business. The ScaleFactor Visa puts you in control and lets you quickly tailor your expense management process — including how you issue and use cards across employee and digital accounts — to match your evolving business requirements.

Mobile Expense Management

Why waste time tracking paper receipts and monthly expense reports? Employees can upload their receipts via mobile devices at the point of purchase, and managers can verify expenses without ever sitting at a desk.

Virtual Cards for Teams & Vendors

When you lump all spending onto a single card, it’s hard to get visibility across vendors and categories. Skip the headache and issue virtual cards with unique spending limits across employees, teams, and online accounts. 

Spend a lot on AdWords or Amazon? Assign it a separate card with a unique limit. Want to keep the marketing team on budget? Give them a shared card with a monthly limit. Virtual cards give you maximum control over spending with minimum effort to set up and manage.

The ScaleFactor Visa Card Features

Physical, digital, or temporary cards at the touch of a button.

Flexible spending limits per card that you control.

Credit card icon

Mobile expense upload and verification. 

Freeze or cancel individual cards without affecting spending across your account.

Attractive Terms Designed with Small Business In Mind

  • Completely free to use with on-time payments
  • No interest rates* 
  • No annual fees or fees for additional employee cards
  • No impact on your personal credit score
  • 1% cash back on all purchases

*As a charge card, the balance is paid in full at the end of the month

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor really helped us streamline our back office, leveraging world-class technology products to do that.”

Paige, CEO & Founder
Will Reed

Charge Card FAQs

Can I pay bills with the card?

Yes. You can use the card to pay bills and expenses with any vendor that accepts Visa.

How often can I change the spending limits on my cards?

You can set and change limits anytime on any of your cards. The change will kick in immediately. You also have the option to issue temporary digital cards.

How quickly will I see transactions in my account after I swipe the card?

ScaleFactor automatically ingests transactions from the card as they are recognized, so you should see transactions within minutes of the merchant finalizing the transaction.

How do rewards work on employee cards?

All of the cards you issue are tied to your account, including employee spending. Your cash back amount each month will be 1% of net spend across all of your cards, not just the one tied to your name.

I’m interested. How do I get the card?

The ScaleFactor Card is exclusively available to customers of ScaleFactor’s online bookkeeping software. When you become a ScaleFactor customer, you can apply for the card once you connect your accounting file and bank accounts to ScaleFactor.

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