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Projecting Cash In vs. Cash Out

As a small and growing business, projecting cash flow is vital. Not only can it aid in assessing overall financial performance and proving your company’s value, but it empowers you to make educated business decisions based on key financial insights.

When reviewing cash flow projections, visual features such as calendars make it easy to see the bigger picture, but also allow you to dig in on a day-by-day basis. Don’t guess. Know.

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Why Small Businesses Love Cash Vision

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See The Impact

Get a clear picture of your current and projected financial health without the drain of sorting through spreadsheets.

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Skip The Guesswork

See how a potential decision could impact your cash position before you put the time and resources into executing.

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Data Driven Decisions

Know you’re making the best strategic decisions for your business based on your actual financial situation.

How It Works

Designed to help you make smarter, more informed business decisions, there are no surprises with ScaleFactor’s cash flow forecasting. Quickly see your current cash in and cash out activity to get a pulse on how your business is doing today and how it’s set to perform in the future. Using your historical data, Cash Vision allows you to build hypothetical models for up to six months out.

Clearly view your cash flow in calendar, graph, and table formats. It’s insights like this that make all the difference when you’re trying to make important, strategic decisions for your small business.

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Cash Flow Calendar View

The Cash Vision Calendar gives you a more detailed view of your cash flow. You can quickly see the days you have cash coming into your business and the days you’re scheduled to make payments. Hover over each day to get more detail on the expected transactions taking place. You can use the calendar view for each month of your current projection to get an idea of how your business is doing.

Build Business Scenarios

Your business is ever-changing, which means your cash flow projections will change, too. Are you in a good cash flow position to hire your next employee? Do you have enough cash to buy a new fleet of company vehicles? Can you swing moving into a new office?

Now you can create hypothetical scenarios to forecast the impact of these decisions on your cash balance! Create as many scenarios as you need, and build each scenario off your six-month cash flow projection or off of a previous scenario.

Scalefactor Business Scenarios
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Add and Edit Transactions

Thinking about canceling an existing subscription? Currently looking for a new solution, but not sure if you can afford it? You can add, edit, and remove transaction details in your scenario builder to instantly see the business impact.

You can edit transaction details to be more descriptive to meet your business needs. Did you recently switch from weekly to monthly payments? Edit your recurring transaction and we’ll show you how this impacts your cash balance.

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor is that live dashboard that does help us make a lot of decisions, but even more importantly than that, to be able to follow up on a month and see what’s most important for us to focus on.”

Josh, CEO
Helm Boots

Cash Vision FAQs

What is cash flow, and how does tracking it help my business?

Simply put, cash flow is the amount of funds being transferred into and out of your business. Understanding and tracking cash flow is a vital aspect of any business and a basic objective of financial reporting. Diligent tracking of cash in and cash out also allows our smart software to make predictions about your cash flow in the coming months, giving you more power to make smart spending choices.

How does Cash Vision predict my upcoming cash flow?

We look at the last six months of your cash flow to make predictions about the coming six months. To do this, we take all recurring transactions into account and map them on a calendar of the coming months. We also include an average of your non-recurring transactions to help you avoid surprises.

How many scenarios can I create?

You can create as many scenarios as you need, and you can even layer them on top of one another. For example, you may want to know how your cash flow will be affected if you hire someone new. But what will happen if you hire that person and upgrade everyone’s computers? Use the scenario builder to get a better idea of how these decisions may impact your cash.

I need help knowing when to make big purchases. How can Cash Vision help?

Our calendar tool is set up so that you can see future transactions at a glance. Know when you can expect money to come in so that you can better plan for money going out.

How accurate is Cash Vision?

Our predictions are based on past trends. The more consistent your transactions are, the better we’re able to anticipate what your future cash flow will look like. If you anticipate major shifts in your business, like sales slowing around the holidays or an exciting new product launch, the scenario builder can help you take those fluctuations into account.

Do you still have questions?

Call or email us and a trusted expert will answer any tax preparation or filing questions you may have. Click here if you’re a current ScaleFactor user and are troubleshooting an issue.

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