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Tax Returns & Preparation for Small Businesses

Work with accounting and tax experts to simplify your taxes this (and every) season

Let Us Handle Your Corporate and Business Taxes

ScaleFactor takes the stress out of filing taxes. Our Compliance Calendar keeps you up-to-date on all your deadlines, while our tax preparation services ensure you file correctly. With confusing instructions and heavy regulations surrounding business taxes, tackling them yourself can be time- consuming and—if mistakes are made—costly.

With ScaleFactor’s team of accounting and tax experts leading the way, you can rest assured that your business’ taxes will be filed accurately and on time.

Why Small Businesses Love Filing Taxes with ScaleFactor

Clean Books Icon

Tax-Ready Books

With clean books updated daily, small business tax return preparation is a breeze.

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Deadlines Are Confusing

Our tax experts know which deadlines are important for your business’ tax returns on the federal, state, and city level.

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Maximize Returns for Your Entity Type

Take advantage of the deductions available to your business with the guidance of tax experts.

How It Works

ScaleFactor Bookkeeping ensures that your financial data is always up-to-date and tax-ready. As deadlines approach, our team of CPAs will handle the filing process, alert you to any additional information needs, and seek out the best deductions for your entity type.

Our technology and team of accounting experts work hand-in-hand to streamline the tax return preparation process and guarantee accurate filings.

Quarterly Federal Business Tax Estimates

ScaleFactor’s TaxMax™ service calculates your tax liability in real time for your entity, so you'll be aware of any potential cash flow implications well ahead of quarterly tax deadlines. We’ll also make sure you avoid costly penalties associated with missing those estimated quarterly payments.

Asset Acquisition and Depreciation Analysis

Need a new piece of equipment for your business but want to understand if it’s better to lease or buy? The TaxMax™ service calculates the tax implications of your asset purchases on a quarterly basis. Our tax experts will help you analyze your asset depreciation and provide useful insights to guide your decision making.

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor is that live dashboard that does help us make a lot of decisions, but even more importantly than that, to be able to follow up on a month and see what’s most important for us to focus on."

Josh, CEO Helm Boots

Tax Preparation FAQs

How will I know which tax deadlines are coming up?

ScaleFactor’s Compliance Calendar alerts customers to upcoming compliance events, like tax deadlines. Our team of experts handling the return filing will also reach out well in advance of the deadline to gather any necessary information.

What are the most important tax deadlines?
  • March 15: Year-end tax returns are due for S Corps and Partnerships, and extension applications must be submitted.
  • April 15: Year-end tax returns are due for LLCs and Corporations, and extension applications must be submitted. The first quarterly estimated payment is also due on this date.
  • July 15: Second quarterly estimated payment due.
  • September 15: Year-end tax return due date for S Corps and Partnerships that filed for extensions.
  • October 15: Year-end tax return due date for LLCs and Corporations that filed for extensions.
  • January 15: Fourth quarterly estimated payment due.
How do I know which states I need to file taxes in?

In most cases, businesses must pay income taxes in the states in which they incorporated. Franchise tax or sales tax may be required in additional states if the business has Nexus in them, meaning they have a significant physical presence there. Nexus rules vary from state to state.

Does ScaleFactor also help with sales tax?

ScaleFactor offers additional help for customers needing to pay sales tax in states where they have Nexus. If unsure whether or not they have Nexus in certain states, ScaleFactor also offers Nexus studies to determine if sales tax is required in the state(s) in question.

Will ScaleFactor file my personal taxes, too?

ScaleFactor TaxMax™ includes a personal filing for single-member LLCs and sole proprietorships. Additional personal filings for other entity types are available for purchase, as well.

Do you still have questions?

Call or email us and a trusted expert will answer any tax preparation or filing questions you may have. Click here if you’re a current ScaleFactor user and are troubleshooting an issue.

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