Automated Bookkeeping

The only accounting method that works in today’s fast-paced world.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Accurate bookkeeping is essential for a healthy business, but the process is tedious, time-consuming, and often gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Automatic expense categorization through our bookkeeper software allows you to save time and ensure accuracy.

ScaleFactor’s daily bookkeeping completes the work for you, categorizing your expenses instantly, so you can focus on the parts of the business you love.

Why Small Businesses Love ScaleFactor’s Online Bookkeeping

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Books So Fresh & So Clean

Skip the work of categorizing your transactions while benefiting from accurate, real-time books every day.

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Take Your Time Back

The #1 reason customers pick ScaleFactor? To take their time back and focus on what they love.

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Trustworthy Data

Your books are updated every day, giving you on-the-spot visibility so you make data-backed decisions.

How It Works

ScaleFactor imports your accounting and bank transaction data into your account, where we organize and run it through our machine learning system to match your transactions to your chart of accounts.

We take the pain out of bookkeeping by automating the process with the latest technologies and connecting directly to your accounting file.

Smart Transaction Cards

ScaleFactor identifies patterns in your transactions and uses a combination of machine learning and custom rules to automatically categorize your expenses. Sometimes, we need a few details to learn how you want new transactions categorized.

Smart transaction cards will prompt you for the information we need in just a few clicks. Once you give us the details, our software learns how to categorize the transaction in the future. Plus, these smart cards give you a time estimate so you can fit them into your schedule.

Connected Account Visibility

Managing multiple bank accounts and credit cards for your business can be stressful and complicated.

ScaleFactor gives you constant visibility across all of your business accounts under one bank-grade secure login. Get quick access to your credit card and bank accounts to see your combined cash balance, as well as how much you’re spending and where.

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor really helped us streamline our back office, leveraging world-class technology products to do that."

Paige, CEO & Founder Will Reed

Automated Bookkeeping FAQs

How long does it take to get started?

Once you have connected your accounting file through QBO or Xero and your bank account through Plaid, we can start bookkeeping new transactions right away.

What if I’m switching from another bookkeeping service?

As long as your company uses Xero or QuickBooks Online, we can access the same accounting file for a seamless transition. If not, our team can help your company migrate to one of these best-in-class cloud solutions.

How often is my bookkeeping data updated?

ScaleFactor’s data updates daily so that you can view your books in real-time.

How will ScaleFactor help me analyze my spending?

In addition to monthly balance sheets and income statements, we offer a fully customizable dashboard that can show spending breakdowns by vendor or category. On top of that, our software analyzes current spending against past months and offers valuable insights to keep you on track.

Do you still have questions?

Call or email us and a trusted expert will answer any tax preparation or filing questions you may have. Click here if you’re a current ScaleFactor user and are troubleshooting an issue.

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