Invoice Management
Pay Bills Fast, Get Paid Faster

ScaleFactor takes the stress out of money management.

Cash Flow, Managed

ScaleFactor makes it easy to manage your cash flow. Our invoice management software lets you upload, manage and pay bills you owe with one click!

Smart bill pay allows you to set payment conditions to make payments on time while optimizing for your business’ needs. You can set conditions to pay your bills on a specific date, or to pay certain bills when you’ve received payment on specific invoices.

ScaleFactor always has your best interests in mind, and will send you automatic notifications if it looks like something is wrong, such as forgetting to pay a bill.

Smart Bill Pay

Set conditions to for bill pay to optimize your business needs.

Send Digital Invoices

Send invoices for customers to review and pay from anywhere, at any time.

Auto Journals

Simplify accrual accounting with automatic revenue recognition.

Friendly Invoice Collections

Collecting on invoices can be a long process and involve uncomfortable conversations. ScaleFactor invoice management removes the tension and gives you the ability to manage invoice collection with a few clicks.

Set automatic reminders to be sent to your clients at defined intervals, such as 15 or 3 days before payment is due. Notify your clients when the invoice is initially sent.