Pay Bills Fast, Get Paid Faster

Keep your cash flowing with same-day ACH bill pay, check options, and intuitive invoicing capabilities.

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Automatic Bill Processing

Never manually input your billing and receipt information again with ScaleFactor’s Automatic Bill Processing.

Our invoicing software and bill payment reminders make tracking your payments and expenses easy. Simply schedule a payment and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Why Small Businesses Love Fast Payments with ScaleFactor

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Control Your Cash

Continuous visibility makes it easier than ever to balance when to collect invoices and when to pay your bills.

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Bill Pay Your Way

Pay bills with ACH or check, approve and pay from anywhere, and customize rule approvals as needed.

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Cut The Tension

Collect payments from your customers in real-time with friendly, automated email payment reminders.

How It Works

ScaleFactor’s invoicing software is ideal for small businesses looking to simplify cash flow management. With our automatic payment processing, tracking payments and expenses is a breeze. We’ve made it easy to upload bills to our invoice management dashboard, where you can see the status of all bills in one secure place. Once uploaded, bills are organized so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

Bill payments and invoicing are more convenient when they’re automatic. Taking another step to go paperless is also a plus.

Scalefactor Bill Pay ACH

Same-Day ACH and Check

Your bank accounts must keep up with the speed of your business.

Make your payments faster with same-day ACH payments and digital check processing. Our bill pay and invoicing processes ensure your bank account always reflects your current cash flow.

Create & Send Invoices Easily

Send invoices quickly and get paid faster with our built-in digital invoicing tool.

ScaleFactor removes the tension of invoice collection and helps you manage your invoices in a matter of minutes—from wherever you are!

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Scalefactor Bill Pay Tracking

Track, Follow Up & Collect

Keep clear cash flow visibility with invoice status updates. ScaleFactor’s intuitive dashboard tracks your invoices sent, paid, and overdue, so you don’t have to.

Want to follow up with a customer? Set up friendly, automatic payment reminders.

What Customers Are Saying

ScaleFactor really helped us streamline our back office, leveraging world-class technology products to do that.”

Paige, CEO & Founder
Will Reed

Bill Pay and Invoicing FAQs

How do I know my bills and invoices are safe with ScaleFactor?

We leverage the same 128-bit SSL encryption and physical security standards that banks use. The protection of your financial and business data is taken very seriously at ScaleFactor.

Can I schedule future payments in advance?

Once bills are uploaded onto the platform, you’ll be able to approve specific dates for each bill to be paid. Please note: we schedule payments 3-4 days before your chosen pay date to ensure payments are made on time.

I need to schedule a last minute payment. How quickly can bills be paid?

Standard bill payments usually take 4-6 days from start to finish, but we understand that sometimes your business needs to move faster. We can expedite payments by overnighting checks or initiating next-day bank transfers, bringing that time down to 1-2 business days.

Will ScaleFactor reach out to the vendors I need to pay?

Before paying a bill, we will reach out to the vendor to gather some information and get them set up for quick and easy payments. All you’ll need to supply is their contact information and the bill.

I send many invoices. How will you help me keep track of them?

Our easy-to-read dashboard allows you to sort invoices by their stage. Easily see which invoices have been sent, which are overdue, or which ones you need to finish drafting. Automatic reminders allow you to check in on outstanding invoices without lifting a finger.

Do you still have questions?

Call or email us and a trusted expert will answer any tax preparation or filing questions you may have. Click here if you’re a current ScaleFactor user and are troubleshooting an issue.

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