Pay bills on time, without all the clutter.

Let’s clear that stack of bills off your desk.

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You could pay bills the old way. But the new way is much easier.

Paying bills is a mindless, time-consuming task. First, you manually enter all the bill details in your payment system. Then, you make sure what you paid is reflected in your books. You might need to check your bank balance in between. Not anymore.

With ScaleFactor, get in, get out, and skip the tedious stuff. That’s the magic of paying bills in the same place you manage your books—we get that every bill counts. But we also know much your time is worth.

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We’ve partnered with the best in the accounts payable game to bring you ScaleFactor Bill Pay, powered by Manage all your bills in the same place you handle your bookkeeping, while your vendors get paid through Fewer logins, fewer headaches.

Scalefactor Bill Pay ACH

Bills paid. Books kept.

ACH transfers and checks are notoriously hard for bookkeepers to classify and result in lots of questions like, “What was this $700 check you sent three weeks ago?”

Cut out the irksome middle steps between paying bills and updating your books. Bills paid through ScaleFactor automatically flow to your accounting file and are categorized appropriately.

Forget Manual Data Entry

Submit and approve bills as soon as you receive them through the ScaleFactor app. Seriously, just forward them from your email. We’ll take care of the rest.

Effortless Vendor Setup

Our partnership with means your vendors can receive payments through the accounts they already have. And you can schedule payments in the same place you manage the rest of your business finances.

Don’t Double Pay

Review and make edits to bills right from the ScaleFactor app. Never worry about duplicate or missed payments again.

Save time. And brain space. And trees.

Clearly See Accounts Payable

Don’t Over or Under Pay

Forward Bills in Email

Books Update Automatically

ScaleFactor +

  • ScaleFactor manages your account.
  • Pay by ACH transfer or check.
  • Funds transfer through a secure connection.
  • Paid bills automatically sync with the accounting file.
  • Save 50% more time on accounts payable.