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Put Your Accounting and Payroll on Autopilot

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How ScaleFactor Bookkeeping Works for You

ScaleFactor is the smart finance software that is changing the way modern businesses operate. By automating complex bookkeeping tasks and translating financial information into usable business insights, we are enabling business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they love: running and growing their business.


Our AI-powered software processes and categorizes your financial transactions in real-time.


Your transactions are pushed into your Xero or QuickBooks file so your data is always up-to-date.


ScaleFactor uses machine learning to analyze your bookkeeping data and transactions.


You get valuable insights, budget control, and reports are automatically delivered to your inbox!

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What we do

We Handle The Chores So That You Can Scale!


Accounts Payable

Financial Reports

Tax Filings

Expense Management

Accounts Receivable

1099 & W9 Collection

Cash Forecasting

ScaleFactor’s easy-to-use software makes it a breeze to manage your business finances. You can rest assured knowing your accounts are always accurate, accessible, and healthy.

Our powerful software integrates your existing system, your banking and credit card accounts, HR system, and even your contractors and vendors to automate your monthly bookkeeping, freeing you up to grow your business.

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  What Customers Are Saying

"ScaleFactor’s goal is to help their clients be more efficient and effective, and they do a great job offering suggestions and solutions to address our biggest challenges."

Haley, CEO Kammok

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Why Businesses Turn To ScaleFactor

Minimize Tax Liability

Save Valuable Time

Update Books & Taxes

Discover More Profit

Manage Cash Flow

Inconsistent Bookkeeper

Manage Expenses

Make Strategic Decisions

Regain Control Of Business

Streamline Ops & Processes

Loan & Investor Preparation

Get Peace Of Mind

Trusted Experts, Skilled Support, Peace Of Mind

ScaleFactor’s trusted software provides your monthly financial statements to ensure your accounts are accurate and healthy so you can focus on running your business. Our in-house team draws on their vast experience to provide skilled software solutions to help you conquer your most complex financial needs.

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