See Your Cash Like Never Before

It’s never been easier to see and manage your cash activities.

Cash In vs. Cash Out

Quickly see your future cash in and cash out activity to get a pulse on how your business is doing today and how it’s set to perform in the future.

These details make all the difference when you’re trying to make important, strategic decisions for your business.

Why You’ll Love Cash Vision

Cash In, Cash Out

See when and where your cash moves.

Build Hypothetical Scenarios

See how a potential decision could impact your cash position and projections.

Choose Your View

See your cash projections up to 6 months out in snapshot, calendar and granular views.

Calendar View

The Cash Vision Calendar is a visual feature that helps you get an idea of your cash flow at a monthly glance. You can quickly see the days you have cash coming into your business and the days you’re scheduled to make payments. You can view the details of your cash activity by hovering over the day on the calendar.

You can use the calendar view for each month of your current projection to get an idea of how your business is doing.

Build Business Scenarios

Your business is ever-changing, which means your cash flow projections will change too. Are you in a good cash flow position to hire your next employee? Do you have enough cash to buy a new fleet of company vehicles? Can you swing moving into a new office?

Now, you can create hypothetical scenarios to forecast the impact decisions could have on your cash balance! You can create as many scenarios as you need. Build your scenario off of your six-month cash flow projection or off of a previous scenario.

Add and Edit Transactions

Thinking about canceling an existing subscription? Currently looking for a new solution, but not sure if you can afford it? You can add, edit and remove transaction details in your scenario builder to instantly see the business impact.

You can edit transaction details to be more descriptive to meet your business needs. Recently switch from weekly to monthly payments? Edit your recurring transaction and we’ll show you how this impacts your cash balance.

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